Balance Beam

A lot of people don't include balance exercises in their repertoire. It's very important to have good balance as we get older to lessen the chance of accidental falls. Balance begins in the core and includes strong hips, ankles, and gluteal muscles. Balance exercises also help cognitive skills, postural alignment, coordinated movement, athletic skills and more . There are fewer injuries from athletics if you practice your balance through better stability. Balance training challenges the ability to stabilize outside of your base of support and challenges the nervous system to activate the correct muscles in the correct sequence.  Through a complex system of feedback from cues of your feet, the relation of your inner ear to gravity and what you see, you are able to maintain your balance till the system becomes overloaded and you lose your balance. Those little shakes and movements to stay balanced are your muscles activating and learning what to do to stay balanced. Balance is dynamic and constantly in flux, so your muscles are constantly being activated and relaxed to maintain balance. Balance practice is good for the whole body. Your brain also is having little firings to maintain the balance. That's all good for you. With balance training you become better balanced at balance. There is also the positive feeling you get from improvement due to practice. Gives you a reason to practice.

Simple. Practice, Practice, Practice !!!

If you don't use it, you lose it.

Make balance practice a habit.

Prepare now for your older age!

Beam List

Forwards &  Backwards



360 both ways


Jump & turn

Jump on

1 leg balance & move

One leg bend forward

One leg knee bend

Heel raisers

Ball of foot walk

Incline, decline,  bounce beam

Cross step, no turn,  front, behind

Leg twist

Cross step turn 180

Longways around step

Arms cross body

Knee raise walk

Rear leg extension

Crouch walk

Goose step

Cross step no turn, front & behind

Throw balance off & recover

Bear walk

Inch worm

With meels

With clubs, feet 3 way

Look Behind

Eyes Closed



Forwards and Backwards





360 Both Ways


Jump & Turn



Jump On

1 Leg Balance & Move


One Leg Forward & Bend


Heel Raisers

Ball of Foot


Incline, Decline, Bounce


Cross Step 180, no turn, Front & Behind


Long Way round

Arms Cross Body


Knee Raise


Crouch Walk


Goose Step


Cross Step No Turn, Front, Behind

Beyond the Basics

Indian Club Swinging

5 Minute Balance Beam Workout

As time goes along you will get better at balance. For more of a challenge start balancing on a narrower beam. Here the beam is half the width at 1 1/2".

At first just practice standing on the beam. Then walk.


Adding extra body movement to further challenge the balance.