The Iz Gym

 It's called the "Iz Gym".  I like to consider it my Playground.  It's a Gym, Pilates Studio, Yoga Studio, Dojo and a Meditation Hall.

The way of Oneness in Mind Body and Spirit.

A place to always keep the body & mind challenged.    

Growing 24/7

Gymnasium is an old word handed down to us from the Greek language used around 600BC with several related meanings;  bodily exercises, a place where Greek youths met for exercise and discussion which in  turn is derived from a Greek adjective whose meaning was naked and a verb meaning to train naked. In this way the Greeks encouraged an aesthetic appreciation of the male body, and to be a tribute to the Gods.

The dojo/temple/kwoon is a gym that has spiritual connotations attached with it. We train to extinguish the ego and increase our mindfulness.

To have strength to endure the challenges life gives you from time to time. To be free of monkeys on our back all the time.

What ever your space is, just  enjoy and have a good time at the things you do.

Enjoyment, fulfillment, progression, encourages you to continue your practices. Without continuance and commitment there will be no progression. The body gets used to things so you need to have progession.