Zen Karate-Do

Everything Is Basics. (Kihon)

Basic techniques is the foundation of all subsequent learning in Karate. You cannot perform advanced Karate without a firm foundation in basics of, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks and stances. All else comes after basics


Zen Karate-Do Basics

Zen Karate -Do Stances

HEISOKU-DACHI, Normal Stance. Usage: standing. Wt. dist.; 50/50

MUSUBI-DACHI, Open Toed Stance. Usage: standing. Wt. dist.: 50/50

HEIKO-DACHI, Parallel Open Stance. Usage: standing for long periods  of time. Wt. dist.: 50/50

UCHI-DACHI-JI-DACHI, Pigeon Toed Stance. Usage: breathing exercises Wt. dist.: 50/50

FUDO-DACHI, Stable Stance. Usage: bowing, standard standing stance Wt. dist.: 50/50

YOI-DACHI, Preparedness Stance. Usage: warning fighting posture Wt. dist.: 50/50

SHIKO-DACHI, Sumo Stance. Usage: side to side movements. Wt. dist.: 50/50

KIBA-DACHI, Straddle Stance. Usage: descending and side strikes. Wt. dist.: 50/50

ZENKUTSU-DACHI, Forward Leaning Stance. Usage: kick practice and attacking

Wt.  dist.: 70% on forward foot, 30% on back foot

KOKUTSU-DACHI, Back Leaning Stance. Usage: blocking and defensive stance,

Wt. dist.: 30% on forward foot, 70%, on back foot.

TSURASHI-DACHI, Crane Stance. Usage: intermediate stance for the side-snap kick. Wt., Dist.: 100%

SANCHIN-DACHI. Sanchin Stance. Usage: thrust practice Wt. dist.: 50/50

NEKOASHI-DACHI. Cat Stance. Usage: defensive fighting posture and also main fighting stance of

system. Wt. dist.: 10% on forward foot, 90% on back foot.

KAKE-DACHI. Hooked Stance. Usage: Defensive stance and used for cross stepping  Wt., dist,: 50/50

MOROASHI-DACHI. One Foot Forward Stance. Usage: back kicking Practice. Wt. dist.: 50/50



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