Kettlebell excercise list



          2 - 2 hands on 1 bell

          Ssingle hand 1 bell

P – power, 1 bell in each hand

A – alternating,  Power set up, switch technique from one side to other

R – Anchor, power set up with one hand acting as anchor.  Could be hanging at side of body or inside of leg, in rack, over head or in bottoms ups in rack or over head.



Warm ups

Good Morning - knees locked or knees soft

(bell on back of neck, or held on chest w/both arms)

Seated good morning

          Halo - bell in bottoms up position

          Lateral stretch - 2 bells in rack or on shoulders

Overhead straight arm cross shoulder stretch

          Bent arm over back shoulder stretch

Side lat/rib expansion


Swings & Ballistics

Around the body pass or sling shot

(standing, static squat, front lunge, horse stance, Cossack)

Under the leg pass or X’s

Figure 8 pass

Cossack Figure 8

Swing  (2,s,p,a,r)

Clean (s,p,a,r)

Clean Bottoms Up (s,p,a,r)

Clean Olympic (s,p,a,r)

Snatch (s,p,a,r)

Snatch Bottoms Up (s,p,a,r)

Snatch Olympic (s,p,a,r)

Clean/Snatch combo’s/bottomsup (p,a)

Swinging Halos

Diagonal Chops

Palm slaps/stops/slams

Golf Swing



Presses and Grinds

Press (s,p,a,r)

Push Press (s,p,a,r)

Jerk Press (s,p,a,r)

Military press

Elbow Raise

Graduated Press

Yield Press

Isometric Press

Press & pause

See Saw (power)


Bottom up press

Floor seated press

Tree presses

Sots press

Floor press (guard press)

Bridge press

Other hand to help heavy weight


Low windmill

2 Bell windmill (pick up bottom one or start with in hand)

Side press

Bent Press


Rows: (complement to presses)

          Knee support T-stance row

Suit Case Rows (s,p)

Renegade Row/Plank Rows

Bear walking (row combined with walking squat)



Boxing right cross

Wrist curl (arm wrestler)

Floor wrist curl

Rev. Floor wrist curl

Hi pulls (flips)

Flipping – many types


Crusher - grip for curls, pressing, tricept pullovers, straight arm po.

Thrusters – combination of squat to overhead press to squat, etc.


Suit case row


Turkish get up

Turkish get up squat

Get up sit up

Cossack stretch

On Ball press 1 bell in middle w/2 hands, 2 bells, 1 bell to side for almost 1 arm pushups




Leg Work

Squats ( Power, single bell, bell over head, bell bottoms up)

Snatch squat

Hacker Squat


Duck Walking


Tactical Lunge

Wide squat

Bulgarian squat

Side walk squats

Dead Romanian Lift (s,p)

Squat slingshot around body  ???

Resting bell on leg ( front raise, knee raise, side raise, rear raise)

Farmers  walk

Walk hold dy/dx


Same side single leg lift to opposite hip leg cross



Shin Box



Modified Dragons

Laying flat raised knee twists

Laying flat raised legs twists (legs together are hardest)


Leg lifts bell over body

L - situps


Seated bell side to side

Sit up bell over chest

Sit up power bell over chest

Standing twist

Bell up

Bell down


Bell over

Power bell rack

Power bell over