The Iz Foot Corrector System

These are tools I designed to help correct my feet. Both my big toes when gripping something had the big toe sliding under the second or long toe. Plus, with arthritis in the big toe joint from injuries I was unable to put any pressure on my Big toe pad. This created walking and balance issues plus a generally weak foot. My feet were my weakest link. Using these tools five to ten minutes a day I could restore my feet. No longer did my feet hurt from staying on them to long. I can grip things and not have my Big toe slide under. I can put all kinds of pressure on my toe pads where before I could not. Using these devices and the miscellaneous exercises work to promote healthy feet.

The four tools

Perch,  Toe Gripper Rods,  Toe Presser,  Arch Discs

& Balance Beams

3 beams


The Perch


Toe Grip Rods


Toe Pusher


Arch Discs


Introduction to Balance Beam




Calf Raises

Towel Grabbing

4 angle Foot Walk

Ballet Posititons


Foot circles Toes Flexed

Toe & Ankle Moovement Coordination

Diagonal Patterns

Rolling up onto toes

Squats with ankle rotation

Ankle Rolling side to side

Walking Mindfully

Jumping with feet, not so much legs

Pilates Toe Puller


Pressure Point

A Qigong Form

Any excercise that works the foot